Built on relationships. Powered by technology.



Plug Into Brownstone

Brownstone aims to be a “plug-and-play” trading partner. Whether you prefer trading individual securities, portfolios and baskets, transacting over the phone or electronically – trading with Brownstone is a seamless process, adapted to suit your unique workflow.

Expanding Human Bandwidth

We strongly believe technology should enhance, not replace, human instinct and relationships. Our proprietary technology platform enables our team to accurately value and trade thousands of unique securities in real-time. Sophisticated modeling and automation handle streams of “low-touch” electronic trading opportunities, freeing our traders to focus on deeper “high-touch” analysis and interactions.


Data Intelligence

We view data as one of our most valuable strategic assets. Generating insights from the trove of available data is essential in a rapidly moving market. Brownstone’s data-driven execution and hedging seeks to maximize liquidity, minimize market impact, and manage risk. Our clients gain access to custom portfolio analytics, valuations, and relative-value ideas.


Dynamic Connectivity

Investors should be focused on trading decisions, not operational logistics. That is why we built technology to normalize how we connect to our trading partners. Whether you reach us by phone, email, instant message, Bloomberg, Excel workbook, web application, ATS, or direct FIX session, you will receive the same objective pricing and reliable execution. Plug into Brownstone.


In-House Development

Brownstone’s in-house development team cultivates a single robust technology layer that powers the entire firm’s operations. Our infrastructure is built for flexibility and scale – all data, connectivity, and computation is centrally processed and distributed securely to all offices, applications, and strategies.