Brownstone Investment Group, LLC is an innovative firm, headquartered in New York City, with offices in Durham, Sausalito, and Freehold. Our team of experienced professionals, commitment to advanced technology, and reputation for integrity have positioned us as a leader within the fixed income market.


The firm offers live and executable markets in high yield, investment grade, emerging markets, distressed corporate, and municipal fixed income securities. Our team actively trades with hundreds of broker-dealers, banks, and registered investment advisors. By concentrating exclusively on fixed income products, Brownstone is able to provide a depth of focus and commitment of resources that is unparalleled in the industry.


Brownstone has been recognized as “Dealer of the Year” by BondDesk  for “distinguishing itself across four essential dimensions—liquidity, offering quality, certainty of execution, and speed of execution,” and demonstrating “superior commitment.” We are regularly ranked in the top tier of all fixed income liquidity providers nationwide on all of the major electronic trading networks.


Founded in 1998, Brownstone Investment Group, LLC is one of the leading and oldest independently held investment firms operating in its niche.