Fixed Income Broker-Dealer
Brownstone trades investment grade, high yield, distressed corporate, municipal bonds and structured products. By committing significant proprietary capital, our firm can position lots and provide no-commission, transparent execution to our trading partners. Brownstone clears its trades through Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing, L.P. and Pershing LLC.

Extensive Network of Liquidity
We are active in hundreds of issuers and over 2,000 unique CUSIPs. Brownstone guarantees that all of our markets are firm and executable; a remarkable commitment that remains unique within the industry. We are one of the nation’s leading liquidity providers on every major fixed income electronic trading platform.

Trusted, Reliable Partner
We actively trade with over 350 broker-dealers, banks, and registered investment advisors. Our veteran trading team are well respected professionals with deep product knowledge. We share our sharp credit analysis and trading ideas with our trading partners.